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Vision Statement:

Families are engaged with the educational and social development of their children. The community no longer sees the “disability” of individuals but the various abilities and skills that are possessed; establishing an integrated community of individual acceptance and accessible resources. We are all not able to do somethings, however we all have the ability to many things!

Family Ties (Teaching Literacy and Communication)

Family Ties is an innovative educational program. The earlier the learning; the earlier literacy, communication, and social skills are developed becoming habitual activities and preventing the educational delays encountered by many children.

The Family Ties program promotes parents as the first and most important teachers in the life of a child. This  ten sessions program is designed to teach the future parent, the new as well as the post parent the importance of giving the child an educational and social head start. 

Participants will:

  1. Create a learning library
  2. Learn the importance of having a supportive network
  3. Develop life-long educational habits that will benefit the child
  4. Establish community resources

Participants will enjoy an engaging, interactive and supportive environment that will encourage life-long friendships. Limited to 20 participants per session. Who may participate? All those who are contemplating parenthood to those who have raised their children.  We welcome grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents. high-risk pregnancies,  and teens)

Family Ties Program Highlights​:

  • Participants will be invited to attend two post sessions that will be held at 6 and 12 months of completing the program
  • Parents will be encouraged to become Parent Connector Volunteers to future participants.

Program Agenda

  • Session 1 Welcome
  • Session 2 Bonding 
  • Session 3 Literacy
  • Session 4 Brain Development 
  • Session 5 Exceptional Expectations 
  • Session 6 Social Skills 
  • Session 7 Communication
  • Session 8 History 
  • Session 9 Community Learning Library and Resources
  • Session 10 Celebration! 

Program Benefits:

Six-month Gathering: Networking and Resources
Annual Celebration: 12 months and counting 
(Families, partnerships, community connections)

  • Increased early literacy education and communication
  • Prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • Parental educational engagement and involvement
  • Community connections
  • Supportive family networks
  • Engaged fathers; appreciating the importance of their role