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Vision Statement:
Families are engaged as partners in the educational and social development of their children. The community no longer sees the “disability” of individuals but the various abilities and skills that are possessed; establishing an integrated community of individual acceptance and accessible resources. We are all not able to do some things, however, we all have the ability to do many things!

Language Is An Art

Language is an Art is a ten-week language enrichment, communication program. This is a fun, interactive program for those who have English as a second language which includes families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Learn the art of how to communicate effectively in addition to becoming a skillful parental teacher.

Classes will meet one evening, weekly, 2hours, for ten weeks and are open to families with deaf, hard of hearing or non-verbal children as well as interested members of the community desiring to learn communication techniques. Class size is limited to 20 participants. This is a non-accredited program, which will include various activities as well as an overview of the laws associated with the ADA (American Disabilities Act). 


  • Come Prepared!…Presentations may be asked at anytime (We learn best when we teach)
  • Be Motivated!…And ready to learn and be engaged
  • Bring enthusiasm!…It makes for a wonderful class
  • Do not hesitate…Confused, lost, need help…Ask
  • Most of all…Have Fun!!!

Learn, to be an engaged and active parent 
Teach, literacy and communication to your child 
Connect, as a partner with schools, the community, and other parents"